Repetitive Lifting & Stress Injuries

Many hard-working people perform the same motions each day at work. The tasks can vary from job to job. For some, repetitive motion comes in the form of spending hours at the computer typing. For others, repetitive motion comes in the form of lifting heavy objects day in and day out. A continuous, consistent, repetitive motion can result in stress on even the most resilient body parts.

The Law Office of Michael J. Reno, P.C., in Worcester, Massachusetts, provides skilled and attentive legal services to workers in various occupations who have sustained repetitive stress injuries. For assistance with your workers' compensation claim, call our firm toll free at 866-935-0266 or 508-471-3046 or contact us online. We offer free consultations.

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Repetitive Stress Injuries Can Affect Your Entire Body

Attorney Michael Reno has comprehensive knowledge of Massachusetts' workers' compensation laws. We know that the process of obtaining benefits for your injuries and lost wages can be frustrating. Our firm is prepared to see your workers' compensation claim to a successful resolution. We have ample experience protecting the rights of injured workers who have sustained repetitive stress injuries, such as the following:

Repetitive motion injuries may not be immediately obvious, or the injury may come on suddenly. For example, a repetitive lifting injury can be caused by long-term use of your back, or it can come on suddenly due to an isolated incident. Attorney Reno handles all types of repetitive lifting and stress injuries. Remember, it is crucial to seek medical attention as soon as you notice the injury.

We handle all personal injury and workers' compensation claims. The lawyer's fees are either paid by the insurer if we are successful in obtaining benefits for you or if you decide to settle your case, the attorney's fees are paid from the settlement. You pay no fee unless we are successful in obtaining benefits for you.

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