Violation of Restraining Order

In Massachusetts, a restraining order is known as an abuse prevention order, a protective order or a "209A." When you are accused of violating the terms of a restraining order, you risk penalties of up to two and one-half years in jail and a $5,000 fine. At the Law Office of Michael J. Reno, P.C., we provide experienced criminal defense to people who have been accused of restraining order violations.

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Massachusetts Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Domestic violence charges often result in restraining orders and protective orders against the alleged abuser. We defend people who have been charged with assault and battery.

Our firm understands the situations that can arise that lead to a domestic dispute between boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife. We understand the emotional nature of these charges and the complications a restraining order can bring.

You can be charged and arrested for restraining order violation for the following:

  • Driving by the other party's home
  • Going near the other party's vehicle
  • Attempting to contact the other party through letter or by phone
  • Accepting an invitation to the other party's home

If you have been charged with a restraining order violation, turn to our firm. We will inform you of your legal rights and help protect your interests while contesting these charges.

Preserving Your Rights and Protecting Your Interests

Attorney Reno is dedicated to preserving the rights and protecting the interests of each client. You are never just a number at our firm. We are committed to building a strong defense on your behalf and minimizing any charges or penalties.

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