Field Sobriety Tests for Drunk Driving

Were you pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving and administered a field sobriety test? If so, you can take an important step toward protecting your rights, freedom and future. Talk to skilled Worcester field sobriety test lawyer Michael Reno. Attorney Reno has significant knowledge of the mistakes law enforcement make when administering field sobriety tests. He knows the many defenses available and will fight to keep you out of jail.

At the Worcester Law Office of Michael J. Reno, P.C., we know that the consequences of a drunk driving offense can be serious and life-changing. We are committed to building a strong drunk driving defense on your behalf. Contact us today for a free consultation with our Worcester drunk driving defense lawyer.

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Field Sobriety Tests

Attorney Michael Reno can skillfully identify any mistakes law enforcement made during field sobriety testing. Talk to us today regarding these commonly used field sobriety tests in Massachusetts:

  • Horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN)
  • One-leg stand
  • Walk and turn

The results of these tests tend to be inaccurate and even unscientific. A sober person may even have difficulty successfully performing the tests. Our law firm strives to have evidence that was obtained from field sobriety tests suppressed or dismissed.

Our drunk driving defense practice is dedicated to securing the best possible outcome on your behalf. This means we vigorously fight the charges to keep you out of jail and help you avoid other consequences such as driver's license suspension.

Breathalyzer Test

Did you blow over .08? Did you refuse to take the breathalyzer test? Our law firm can build a defense and advocate for your best possible result.

Attorney Reno is dedicated to building a strong defense for his clients charged with DUI. He carefully evaluates the cause of the traffic stop as well as law enforcement procedure at the traffic stop during field sobriety tests and administration of the breathalyzer.

Contact A Worcester Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer For A Free Consultation

Were you pulled over under suspicion of OUI (operating under the influence), DUI (driving under the influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated)? Obtaining help from a criminal defense attorney who is skilled in understanding field sobriety tests can be vital to protecting your rights. At the Law Office of Michael J. Reno, P.C., we will act quickly to ensure your rights are protected.

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